Frieze New York Exhibitors Offered 10 Percent Refund for Enduring Extreme Heat

A month after the close of the seventh edition of Frieze New York, which took place on Randall’s Island, the organizers of the event have revealed that exhibitors are being offered a 10 percent refund due to the sweltering temperatures endured during the beginning of the fair.

Many exhibitors complained that the fair’s failure to cool down the big tent had a negative impact on sales, discouraging visitors from attending the event and even causing some galleries to leave early. While this was not the first time Frieze New York had problems with the weather—it was forced to temporarily close last year after torrential rain made it difficult for visitors to get to and from the island—the fair’s executives attempted to address the notorious hot and cool spots, which inevitably develop in the tent, by redesigning the exhibition space.

In a letter sent to exhibitors on June 7, Frieze Fairs director Victoria Siddall, cofounders Amanda Sharp and Mathew Slotover, and artistic director of the New York edition Loring Randolph wrote that every gallery affected by the heat on the first two days of the fair would be given the refund, with a minimum of $1,000.

“While we were aware of the heatwave in advance, we believed that the HVAC system would be able to function effectively and we ran the AC on full the night before and all day during the preview days,” the letter read. “Unfortunately, the system could not withstand the record-breaking temperatures. Our intention has only ever been to create a fantastic experience for you, your clients and artists, so we are truly saddened and sorry for this and want you to know we are working now to ensure it can never happen again.”