Fulvio Roiter, Sin título (Untitled), 1953–54

Fulvio Roiter (1926–2016)

Italian photographer Fulvio Roiter died today in his Venice home, reports Il Giornale dell Arte’s Lidia Panzeri.

Born in 1926 in the small Italian town of Meolo, Roiter trained as a chemist. He later became known as a photographer whose images fueled Venice’s myth in the public’s imagination.

The winner of the Prix Nadar in 1955, he created unconventional black-and-white photographs that reinterpreted iconic sites such as Piazza San Marco, or unveiled hidden details of the city. In 1981, he founded the publishing house Dagor Books. He was responsible for the photographs that appear in Viaggio italiano (Italian Journey) published by Rizzoli.