The Rodd studio on the Sidney Nolan estate. Photo: Alex Ramsay.

Fundraising Campaign Launched for New Arts Center on Sidney Nolan Estate

The trust named for the late Australian artist Sidney Nolan, based in the UK, wants to raise $2.96 million to establish an international arts and research center at the Rodd (the artist’s studio) on his 260-acre farm, writes Emily Sharpe of the Art Newspaper. The plan for the estate, located on the Welsh border, is to create a permanent exhibition space in Nolan’s honor and refurbish a number of seventeenth-century barns to serve as studios for artists. Anthony Plant, the director of the Sidney Nolan Trust, said, “Nolan wanted to create a place in this special part of the world to inspire artists and allow them to explore.” Plant went on to explain that Nolan was extremely appreciative of the support he received from his fellow artists and wanted to give something back to them.

The Rodd has already been hosting artist residencies in a grain barn on the estate, but it too requires renovation, as does a nearby farmhouse with twelve bedrooms. The total estimated cost for fixing these buildings is about $386,000. The $2.96 million that needs to be brought in will only go toward reconstruction, not future maintenance. The fundraising campaign has been scheduled to coincide with a number of events celebrating the artist’s hundredth birthday, such as “Reflections,” a show of rarely or never-before-seen works by the artist at the Rodd, which runs until August 29.