Chiharu Shiota, Destination, 2017, wool thread, metal, dimensions variable.

Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris to Open Second Space

Grace Halio of Artnews reports that Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris, which represents artists such as Franz Ackermann, Larry Bell, Saint Clair Cemin, Jonathan Messe, and Kehinde Wiley, will open a second space in the city, close to the Centre Pompidou, at Twenty-Eight rue de Grenier Saint Laraze. The gallery just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2016. The French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who created parts of the Museum of Islamic Art and the Louvre, is in charge of the new project. contributor Sarah Moroz covered artist Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition at the gallery in a Critic’s Pick this past summer. Moroz called Shiota’s Destination, 2017, “a site-specific, room-engulfing labyrinth that has the sprawl of an uncontrollable fungus, a haywire cat’s cradle, or a webbed cathedral in red.”