Installation View of “Labor Dance” (2016) by Amalia Ulman at Arcadia Missa.

Gentrification Prompts London’s Arcadia Missa Gallery to Relocate

Arcadia Missa in London has announced that it will relocate from its current location in the Peckham neighborhood, where it has been since it was established as a project space in 2011, to the city’s Soho neighborhood. Arcadia Missa’s founder Rózsa Farkas cited gentrification as the reason for the move.

“Having grown up in Peckham I have witnessed massive changes, in particular in recent years,” Farkas said in a statement published by Artmirror. “Although it's sentimental to be spending less time in the area, for reasons beyond how much more accessible central London is for many visitors, it is time to go. I am against gentrification, and this has left me constantly conflicted in my position as a gallery owner. I support artists and work that often deals with issues surrounding gentrification (Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings in particular), and have programmed talks and events that try to tackle the issue of ‘what to do.’”

The arts space, which became a commercial gallery in 2014, calls for people to be mindful of how they are contributing to gentrification and encourages supporting local businesses that have been around before an area became “a destination.” Its website also recommends a host of restaurants, pubs, and salons in the Peckham neighborhood. The gallery’s final exhibition, “Totally Different Animals,” featuring works by Gaby Sahhar and Rosie Grace Ward, will open on March 2.