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George Lucas’s Museum Proposal Approved by Chicago City Council

Karl Plume reports for Reuters that Chicago’s city council has approved George Lucas’s proposal to build a museum on land near Lake Michigan south of the Soldier Field stadium, currently occupied by parking lots. The museum, which is to be called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, has received support from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who thinks it will create jobs and deepen cultural opportunities on the lakefront along with other museums, arenas, and parks.

The design for the museum’s building, however, has undergone several modifications due to local criticism about intrusiveness as well from complaints by the Chicago Bears football team, which plays at Soldier Field, who protested that space would be taken away from their fans who have tailgate parties outside the stadium before games. On top of all this, a Chicago parks protection group has an ongoing lawsuit filed last year against the city to prevent the institution from opening in its planned location, claiming it would violate an Illinois state trust meant to keep the area open for access to Lake Michigan.