German Gallery Share Program to Kick Off in September

Alex Greenberger of Artnews writes that Germany is launching a gallery share program this September—its own version of Condo, the large-scale collaborative exhibition program, which has recently been held in London and New York, that aims to build community among young galleries. The experimental exhibition model requires participating galleries to host out-of-towners by sharing their gallery space.

Organizers Ginerva Gambino, Jan Kaps, and Max Mayer will launch the gallery share project, called Okey Dokey, with its first edition running September 8 through 30. Nine spaces in Cologne and Düsseldorf will welcome seventeen visiting galleries.

The list of participating galleries is as follows:

Delmes & Zander (Cologne) to host Neue Alte Brücke (Berlin) and Galerie 1900–2000 (Paris).

Lucas Hirsch (Düsseldorf) to host Stereo (Warsaw) and Lomex (New York).

Max Mayer (Düsseldorf) to host Arcadia Missa (London), Miguel Abreu Gallery (New York), and Misako & Rosen (Tokyo).

Drei (Cologne) to host Kirchgasse (Steckborn, Switzerland) and Lulu (Mexico City).

Jan Kaps (Cologne) to host Weiss Falk (Basel), Edouard Montassut (Paris), and Sax Publishers (Vienna).

Studio for Propositional Cinema (Düsseldorf) to host Barbara Rüdiger with Anna Sophie-Berger.

Ginerva Gambino (Cologne) to host Ermes Ermes (Vienna and Rome), Sandy Brown (Berlin), and Truth and Consequences (Geneva).

Linden (Düsseldorf) to host galleries, which will be announced at a later date.

Rob Tufnell (Cologne) to host Tanya Leighton (Berlin).