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German Pavilion Artists Hang Greek Flag In Protest Against Bailout Austerity Measures

Tobias Zielony, Jasmina Metwaly, Philip Rizk, Hito Steyerl, and Olaf Nicolai—the artists exhibited in the Venice Biennale’s German pavilion this year—have taken a strong stance in protest against the German government’s decision to impose austerity measures on Greece, according to Artnet’s Brian Boucher.

The five hung a Greek flag over the German pavilion’s entrance, bedecked with the word “Germoney.” Steyerl, one of the artists involved, posted a picture of the flag, plus the statement “We show our solidarity with the people in Greece and all other places suffering from austerity. As cultural workers and artists we demand an end to austerity for health, culture, and education while public funding for banks and oligarchs seems unlimited.”

Many other artists’ signatures were added to the statement.