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Getty Research Institute Announces Scholars-in-Residence

The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles has named Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates as its incoming artist-in-residence. It also announced that thirty-eight applicants were selected for its 2018/2019 scholars-in-residence program.

“This year we have challenged our visiting scholars to work on monumentality, an especially timely theme now, as many Americans are passionately debating the roles of monuments in their own communities,” Andrew Perchuk, acting director of the institute, said. In addition, the scholars who will be based at the Getty Villa will address the political, intellectual, religious, and artistic relations between Persia, Greece, and Rome from the ninth century BCE to 651 CE.

Among the arts professionals participating in the program are art historian Hal Foster, who will conduct research related to the American artist Richard Serra; Andrea Bayer, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Sandra Phillips, a former curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Stanislaus von Moos, professor emeritus at the University of Zurich; and Kavita Singh, a professor of arts and aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The full list of Getty scholars can be found on the institution’s website.

“By bringing such a diverse group of researchers together under a broad theme we have found that exciting connections between subjects and researchers can occur,” said Alexa Sekyra, head of the institute’s scholars program. “Often those connections lead to new projects or new ways of thinking about existing projects.”