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Giacometti Foundation to Open Research Institute in Paris

The Giacometti Foundation in Paris is opening a research and exhibition center that will include a reconstruction of the Swiss sculptor’s studio, Anna Sansom of the Art Newspaper reports. The new institute will be run by foundation director Catherine Grenier, who joined the organization from the Centre Pompidou in 2014.

“The Institut Giacometti is a fantastic tool for a better knowledge of Alberto Giacometti’s work,” said dealer Kamel Mennour, who represents the artist’s estate. While the its opening date is not yet known, the new center will be located in the Montparnasse neighborhood of the city.

Envisaged by Annette Giacometti, the artist’s widow, in 1986, the Giacometti Foundation wasn’t officially established until 2003. It is devoted to the preservation and conservation of Giacometti’s works, including drawings, paintings, prints, plaster and bronze casts, as well as the promotion of his work internationally. The foundation maintains the largest collection of the artist’s works in the world, with more than five thousand objects. It also holds the famous painted walls, furniture, and library from Giacometti’s studio on rue Hippolyte-Maindron. The artist viewed his workspace as an extension of himself.