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Gilbert & George to Open Nonprofit Space in East London

Nadia Khomami of The Guardian writes that art duo Gilbert & George plan on opening a nonprofit gallery/cultural venue in East London’s Spitalfields—where they have lived and worked for over four decades—as a way of giving back to the community.

Sir Solutions, on behalf of the Gilbert & George Centre, a charity created in 2010, states that the site will be “a nonprofit foundation for contemporary art that operates purely for the public benefit with the aim to promote the education of the public in the arts by exhibiting contemporary art in its exhibition spaces, benefiting both the local community as well as the wider community attracting visitors from other locations”.

The building where the future center will be is located on Heneage Street. It was previously the studio and private residence of artist Polly Hope, who died a few years ago. The refurbishment plan calls for the addition of a basement, a total revamp of the main space, and the remaking of a 1970s workshop that will be used to host two exhibitions per year.