Glasgow Center for Contemporary Art.

Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts Fears Closure After Fire Devastates Art School

Managagment staff at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)—which neighbors the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building, the beloved architectural icon that was gutted a by fire on June 15—are worried that the center will run out of funds if it is not given the green light to reopen. GlasgowLive reports that the center believed that it would be welcoming visitors again by September 14, but was told by the Glasgow City Council that it had never confirmed the date.

Other locals and businesses in the area which were temporarily shuttered after the fire were allowed to return to their buildings on August 24. However, the CCA won’t be able to resume operations until it receives the approval of structural engineers who conducted an investigation into the site and surrounding area on August 23.

CCA director Francis McKee is frustrated by the lack of communication about the city’s timeline and complained that the arts space is still waiting for $6.5 Million from the Fire Recovery Fund, which the Scottish Government said that it would be granted in July. “No one is sitting down with us,” McKee said. “They sit down with the School of Art each day but they don’t communicate with us or seem to understand the impact or care. There is a feeling of contempt really, coming from the city.”

“We are in the position this week where we have to decide if we cancel September,” McKee said. “We have a sell-out gig on the 14, which we were assured we would be in time for. We have a memorial service on the 16 for a lecturer who died recently in the art community. That will have to be canceled as we just cannot make any guarantees. Financially we are on a knife edge. “We have no income and the grant we receive from Creative Scotland only covers so much while commercial income covers the rest. Our cash flow is down to a minimum.”