Guangzhou Triennial Releases Artist List for Its Sixth Edition

The Guangzhou Triennial has announced that forty-nine artists hailing from the United Kingdom, the United States, Austria, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and China will participate in its sixth edition, which will take place at the Guangdong Museum of Art between December 21, 2018 and March 10, 2019.

Titled “As We May Think, Feedforward,” the event will “reflect on the trajectories of technological advances and their reverberations throughout the social sphere over the past decades.” Its title references an essay written by the American engineer Vannevar Bush in the summer of 1945. In the piece, Bush imagines a universal communication apparatus and anticipates the advent of an information society.

The themed exhibition will present in three sections: “Inside the Stack: Art in the Digital,” curated by Philipp Ziegler; “Evolutions of Kin,” curated by Angelique Spaninks; and “Machines Are Not Alone,” curated by Zhang Ga.

The full artist list is as follows:

Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman, US/Australia

Melanie Bonajo, Netherlands

Tega Brain, Australia

Emma Charles, England

邓悦君 Deng Yuejun, China

Simon Denny, New Zealand

Anna Dumitriu, England

Gilberto Esparza, Mexico

Harun Farocki, Germany

冯晨 Feng Chen, China

Thomas Feuerstein, Austria

Dorian Gaudin, France/US

关小 Guan Xiao, China

Heather Dewey-Hagborg, US

Femke Herregraven, the Netherlands

Arne Hendriks, Netherlands

Pierre Huyghe, France

Charlotte Jarvis, England

Arvid Jense and Marie Caye, Netherlands

蒋竹韵 Jiang Zhuyun, China

Delia Jurgend, Germany

Floris Kaayk, Netherlands

Jon Kessler, US

Oliver Laric, Austria

Lynn Hershman-Leeson, US

Lawrence Lek, England

刘佳玉 Liu Jiayu, China

林科 Lin Ke, China

Bernd Lintermann, Germany

刘娃 Liu Wa, China

陆平原 Lu Pingyuan, China

Bernie Lubell, US

MacGuffin, Netherlands

Simone C. Niquille, Netherlands

David O’Reilly, Ireland

Tabita Rezaire, France

Tomás Saraceno, Argentina

Fito Segerera, Colombia/China

沈瑞筠 Shen Ruijun, China

Ief Spincemaille, Belgium

Unknown Fields, England/Australia

Addie Wagenknecht, US

王楠 Wang Nan, China

Herwig Weiser, Austria

王郁洋 Wang Yuyang, China

杨健 Yang Jian, China

郑先喻& 张硕尹 Zheng Xianyu and Zhang Shuoyin, Taiwan, China

张永基 Zhang Yongji, China