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Courtesy of Himali Singh Soin.
Courtesy of Himali Singh Soin.

Himali Singh Soin Wins 2019 Frieze Artist Award

The London- and Delhi-based poet, artist, and filmmaker Himali Singh Soin is the recipient of the 2019 Frieze Artist Award. Soin will be commissioned to create a new work for Frieze London, which will take place from October 4 to October 6. This year marks the first time the award will focus on the medium of film.

“The Frieze Artist Award has pushed talented emerging artists with interdisciplinary practices to expand their ambitions outside of the commercial constraints of the art world,” said Diana Campbell Betancourt, the cocurator of Frieze Projects and the artistic director of the Samdani Art Foundation. “With this significant new commission, Himali will also explore intriguing and urgent questions about environment, history, and myth.”

Soin’s winning proposal builds on her ongoing research into remote areas of the Arctic and Antarctic circles. For her series “We Are Opposite Like That,” she creates myths for places that lack indigenous communities and legends of their own. Soin tells these stories from the nonhuman perspective of ice, a melting fossil that has witnessed historic changes throughout time. For the project, she will zero in on Britain and the fear of immigration during the Victorian age, when there was an influx of Irish Catholic and Jewish immigrants, to try to answer questions such as: Has Britain always feared the encroachment of the outside world?