Husband of Murdered Artist Hema Upadhyay Denied Bail by Indian Court

India’s Bombay High Court has rejected the bail application of artist Chintan Upadhyay, who was arrested in connection with the murder of his wife, artist Hema Upadhyay, Outlook India reports.

Chintan, who claims he has been falsely accused, asked for bail last November, but his request was rejected late last week by Justice Sadhana Jadhav, who said, “There is more than sufficient material to show that Chintan nurtured a grudge against Hema and he expressed this in his diary and also said that he wanted to eliminate her.” The judge maintained that “this court feels this is not a fit case to grant bail at this stage.”

In December 2015, the bodies of Hema Upadhyay and her lawyer, Haresh Bhambani, were found in a ditch in a suburb of Mumbai. Hema and Chintan were moving through divorce proceedings from 2010 through 2014. Three suspects, Shivkumar Sadhu Rajbhar, Azaad Rajbhar, and Pradeep Rajbhar, were all arrested within days of the murder. They all worked at a fabrication warehouse under Vidyadhar Rajbhar, who allegedly confessed to killing Upadhyay and Bhambani in a debt dispute. Rajbhar claims the artist owed him $7,500 for the fabrication of a metal statue. He has since fled the country.