Still from French artist Christian Boltanski's new video installation, Misterios. Comprising recorded sounds and visuals of whales during their annual breeding season by the sea in Bahía Bustamante, in Chubut, Patagonia, the video work will be exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires.

Inaugural South American Biennial to Kick Off in September

The first International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America, dubbed BienalSur, will launch across thirty cities in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia in September, Gabriella Angeleti of the Art Newspaper reports. While based in Buenos Aires, the biennial strives to promote cultural exchange between countries.

Aníbal Jozami, the director of the large-scale exhibition, said, “The biennials that we are now acquainted with were born at different historical times as a consequence of certain social groups attempting to boost their city or region, as was the case with the political leaders of northern Italy after reunification, when they established the Venice Biennale in the late-nineteenth century. In view of this context, together with Diana Wechsler [the artistic director of the biennial] and Marlise Ilhesca [the biennial’s advisor], we felt the need to rethink the current formats—conversely, this biennial does not respond to any city in particular.”

Organized by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero of Argentina, BienalSur will feature 379 projects that are not required to adhere to any specific theme. Among those participating are South American artists Paulo Nazareth, Cildo Meireles, Iván Navarro, Oscar Muñoz, Voluspa Jarpa, and Marcelo Brodsky, as well as international artists Katsuhiko Hibino, Angelika Markul, and Abdellah Karroum.