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City of Memphis.
City of Memphis.

Inaugural Tennessee Triennial to Open in 2021

Tennessee is planning to launch a contemporary art triennial that will span four cities: Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. The inaugural three-month-long event will be led by Andrea Zieher, cofounder of New York’s ZieherSmith gallery, and produced by Carolyn and Brian Jobe of the Tennessee nonprofit Tri-Star Arts.

Backed by Metro Arts and the Tennessee Arts Commission, as well as through grants, corporate sponsorship, and individual donations, the exhibition will appoint two curators later this month. The theme of the triennial will be “Art United.”

“Opening just after the 2021 presidential inauguration, the TN Triennial will participate in an important moment of national cultural dialogue,” an announcement reads. “The exhibition will seek to create a space of commonality and healing in our seemingly fragmented society through the contemplation and celebration of the visual arts.”