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Ingeborg Hunzinger (1915–2009)

Ingeborg Hunzinger, one of the better-known sculptors of the German Democratic Republic, has died, reports Die Zeit. She was ninety-four years old. Among her most important works was the sculptural work Block der Frauen (Block of Women), which honored the rebellion of the courageous mothers and wives against the forced deportation of Jewish men in Berlin. The group of sculptures was set up in Rosenstrasse in 1995.

In 1936, Hunzinger began teaching at the Steinbildhauerin in Wuerzburg. Under the Nazi regime, Hunzinger’s Jewish identity left her banned from teaching, but she was able to flee to Italy. She returned to Germany in 1942 and spent the last war years in the Schwarzwald. Later, she taught at the Academy of Art in Berlin-Weißensee and from 1953 worked as a freelance artist.