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Inseon Kim. Photo: Cheolki Hong.

Inseon Kim Appointed Artistic Director of 2020 Jeju Biennale

The Jeju Museum of Art (JMOA) in South Korea has named Inseon Kim, the founder of the Seoul-based nonprofit Space: Willing N Dealing, as the artistic director of the second edition of the Jeju Biennale, which will kick off in May 2020. Kim will work with curator Leeji Hong to shape the curatorial vision for the event.

“The preparation of the biennale has officially begun,” said JMOA director Jeong-ju Choi, who added that the biennial will pay homage to Jeju Island’s unique identity and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary artists. The inaugural biennial, which focused on tourism and how it impacts the cultural, social, and natural environments of the island, was staged at JMOA, the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju City, Seogwipo City, and Altair Airfield and featured work by more than sixty artists.

Among Kim’s recent curatorial projects are “The Way a Hare Transforms into a Turtle” (2019) with Helene Nyborg Bay—the exhibition marked sixty years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Denmark—at the Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen; “Scenographic Imagination” (2019), a group show featuring Baek Kyungho, Han Sungwoo, and Nam Jinwoo, among others, at Beijing Commune; and “Spirit from Object” (2017) at the Contemporary Art Space Osaka. She also previously served as chief curator of the Daelim Museum and assistant director of Kukje Gallery in Seoul.