Institute of Arab and Islamic Art to Open in Downtown NYC in May

Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani, founder of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, will open an 2,500-square-foot cultural space in downtown Manhattan this May to host exhibitions traveling from institutions in Arab countries, Gareth Harris of the Art Newspaper reports. Al-Thani, who is based in New York, said of his venture: “It made absolute sense to build an institute that would not only showcase the breadth of art and culture from the Arab and Islamic worlds, but also challenge certain stereotypes and misconceptions that hinder cross-cultural understanding . . . In a city with a mosaic of cultural institutions like the Jewish Museum, Asia Society, Swiss Institute, Whitney Museum of American Art, and many more, I was exposed to art from all over the world in this one city.”

A noncollecting and nonprofit institution, the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art will stage shows on a quarterly basis, run a residency program, and produce publications. Translation facilities will also be available. The exact location is yet to be announced.