Instituto de Arte Contemporânea. Photo: Romulo Fialdini.

Instituto de Arte Contemporânea’s New Headquarters Opens in São Paulo

The Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (IAC) in São Paulo, a private nonprofit organization founded by dealer Raquel Arnaud in 1997, has opened its permanent headquarters in São Paulo. Dedicated to the preservation, conservation, protection, and dissemination of research on its extensive collection of historical documents pertaining to the careers and artworks of Brazilian modern and contemporary artists, the IAC is the guardian of the estates of various cultural producers, including Sérgio de Camargo (1930–1990), Willys de Castro (1926–1988), Amílcar de Castro (1920–2002), Sérvulo Esmeraldo (1929–2017), Hermelindo Fiaminghi (1920–2004), and Luiz Sacilotto (1924–2003).

Funded by Arnaud and located near Paulista Avenue, the new ten-thousand-square-foot, five-story headquarters was designed by architect Felippe Crescenti and consists of two exhibition spaces, technical storage areas, conference rooms, a dedicated room for research, and an open space for a bookstore or a coffee shop. A valuable resource for scholars and curators, the IAC’s database is available free of charge for on-site or remote use. The institute also offers specialized courses, talks, and workshops, and organizes exhibitions. The first show in the new venue will be “Luzes da Memória” (Lights of Memory). Curated by art critic Ricardo Resende and the IAC’s technical director, Marilucia Bottallo, the exhibition will include never-before-exhibited works by artists such as Antonio Dias, Carmela Gross, Iole de Freitas, Ivan Serpa, Jorge Wilheim, and Rubem Ludolf, among others.