The Nergal Gate after its destruction by ISIS.

ISIS Destroys Two More Monuments in Ancient Iraqi City

Kristin Romey reports for National Geographic that ISIS has destroyed two ancient city gates at Nineveh in Iraq, possibly by plowing into them with an earthmover. Claire Voon at Hyperallergic also reported on the story. The two monuments are known as the Mashki and Nergal Gates, with the latter originally built around 700 BC and reconstructed in the twentieth century. Reports of the archaeological site’s damages were rumored a few weeks ago, and have recently been confirmed by Michael Danti, a professor of archaeology at Boston University and codirector of the Cultural Heritage Initiative at the American Schools of Oriental Research. The initiative partners with the US department of state to document destruction of cultural and religious sites in Iraq and Syria.

Nineveh is near the present day city of Mosul, which is currently occupied by ISIS, and the monuments at the site are treasured as symbols of Mosul’s citizens’ heritage. The Iraqi army is planning to liberate Mosul from the control of the Islamic State. Meanwhile, still unconfirmed reports that other gates and walls in Nineveh are also being plowed have emerged, according to Danti.