Israel Museum Receives Gift of Avedon Works

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has been given seventy-four Richard Avedon images by Larry Gagosian and the Richard Avedon Foundation. Included in the gift is a twenty-by-eight-foot mural of Allen Ginsberg’s family, along with a set of smaller murals that Avedon created between 1969 and 1971. Carol Vogel of the New York Times reports that the bestowal came about at the urging of Leonard L. Lauder, former chairman of the Whitney Museum of American Art, who first saw the photographer’s murals in a 1994 retrospective at the museum; after seeing the works again at Gagosian Gallery last year, he felt that there was “only one place they could go.” Said James S. Snyder, director of the Israel Museum: “In one fell swoop, we have the definitive holdings of Avedon portraiture.”