Israeli Museums Safeguard Art Against Rocket Attacks

Throughout Israel, museums have responded to the recent barrage of rocket attacks in Tel Aviv by moving artworks out exhibition spaces and into fortified vaults and other protective areas, report Dan Balilty and Daniel Estrin of the Associated Press. “Even if there's a very small possibility of damage, we don't take chances," said Doron J. Lurie, the senior curator and chief conservator of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which Friday moved nearly two hundred works, half of which were by Brueghel, into rocket-proof safe zone. “We’ve guarded them like our own kids,” he added. In the past, Israel’s political situation has made it difficult to receive loans of major artworks from institutions and collectors, especially in the West Bank. That said, several museums in the centers of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have taken no extra security precautions. A spokeswoman for the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv that noted that there was no need to “get in a panic,” a sentiment echoed by James Snyder, director of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, who remarked that it was “business as usual.”