Jack Persekian

Jack Persekian, Director of Palestinian Museum, Resigns

Jack Persekian, founding director of the Sharjah Art Foundation, has announced his resignation as director of the Palestinian Museum, which is set to open in 2016, reports Gareth Harris of the Art Newspaper.

As many will remember, Persekian was abruptly fired by the Sharjah Biennial’s organizers, as he was responsible for the placement of a sculpture in a public square of headless mannequins that included explicit sexual slogans and poetry in Arabic—a work that conservative segments of the public found “obscene.”

The search for a new director at the Palestinian Museum has already started. Omar Al-Qattan, of the Al-Qattan Foundation, a major funder of the museum, said “Persekian resigned as a result of differences over planning and management issues.” In addition to Al-Qattan, two Middle Eastern construction companies, Projacs and Consolidated Contractors Company, with the Bank of Palestine and more than twenty Palestinian benefactors, have raised close to $21 million for the museum.

The museum was originally scheduled to open on May 15, 2016, the date of which marks the sixty-eighth anniversary of the Israeli state’s establishment and the displacement of more than 750,000 Palestinians, writes Harris.