Installation view of “Jordi Alcaraz: Defying Boundaries,” which closes on August 31.

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts in Los Angeles to Relocate

The Los Angeles gallery Jack Rutberg Fine Arts has announced that, after thirty-seven years of operation, it may temporarily close. It has been searching for a new home ever since the building that houses it, which is located on La Brea Avenue, came under new ownership, but it has not been successful in securing a space.

According to Jack Rutberg, the gallery has been at its current address since 1981. Despite the difficulty it is having with finding a new affordable venue within the city, the gallery is aiming to reopen sometime in September. “While there’s sadness in having to close this venue, I so greatly appreciate that nearly four decades in one location is an extraordinary achievement in LA, and certainly a gift to me,” Rutberg said.

“With its grand galleries and intimate spaces, I have been able to present exhibitions that unfold in ways that have engaged audiences all these many years,” Rutberg continued. “Our current and final exhibition in this venue, ‘Jordi Alcaraz: Defying Boundaries’ which ends August 31, seems so poignantly appropriate as these works deal with ephemeral dimensions that open windows to possibilities with such unique elegance. And so, I look forward to our own next and exciting dimensions. The search for a new home continues.”