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James Mellick and Stacey Kirby Win $200,000 ArtPrize Awards

ArtPrize has announced the winners of $500,000 in awards at its eighth annual awards ceremony. The $200,000 grand prizes were given to James Mellick, whose work Wounded Warrior Dogs, 2015, was chosen by public vote, and Stacey Kirby, who was selected by a jury for The Bureau of Personal Belonging, 2016.

“Together, the ArtPrize public vote and juried award winners ultimately reflect issues that both unite and divide us,” ArtPrize executive director Christian Gaines said. “Whatever your views on war, patriotism, identity, or belonging, both works drew you into an immersive and profound experience.”

Eight artists received $12,500 each for the category awards. For the list of those selected by public vote and by jury for the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, time-based, and installation categories, see below.


Public Vote: Joao Paulo Goncalves, Portraits of Light and Shadow, 2015
Juried: Isaac Aoki, Les bêtes, 2016


Public Vote: James Mellick, Wounded Warrior Dogs, 2015
Juried: William Lamson, Excavations, 2016


Public Vote: Maarten Baas, Sweeper’s Clock, 2015
Juried: Eric Souther, Search Engine Vision “ISIS,” 2016


Public Vote: Pettit Smith, The Butterfly Effect, 2016
Juried: 912 CollABORATIVE, This Space Is Not Abandoned, 2016