Jerwood/FVU Announces 2017 Award Winners

The Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards has selected Patrick Hough and Lawrence Lek as the winners of the 2017 prize. Both artists will receive $28,956 to support new moving-image works that will be featured in an exhibition at Jerwood Space in spring 2017.

The artists, chosen from over 250 applicants, were asked to respond to the curatorial theme of “Neither One Thing or Another.” Both artists’ works capture the blurring line between the real and the artificial. Lek’s proposal probes ideas surrounding artificial intelligence—a computer-generated ghost becomes aware of its own autonomy and discovers it is capable of exercising the human power of creativity. In Hough’s proposal castaway props and abandoned sets are revalued and given new life as significant mementos of cinema history. “Moving fluently between definitions and across formal boundaries, both works make us look again at the uncertain nature of what we think we know and see.”

The jury panel consisted of Film and Video Umbrella director, Steven Bode; artist and 2014 Turner Prize winner, Duncan Campbell; Hayward Gallery curator, Cliff Lauson; Frieze reviews editor, Amy Sherlock; and Jerwood Visual Arts’s head of programs, Sarah Williams.