Lars Bang Larsen and Jo Widoff

Jo Widoff and Lars Bang Larsen to Begin New Curatorial Roles at Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet has announced some changes among its curatorial positions. Jo Widoff, who has served as an exhibition curator, will now be responsible for the museum’s international collection. Lars Bang Larsen, meanwhile, will begin work as an adjunct curator at the museum.

Widoff, a veteran curator, has already organized shows including “Turner Monet Twombly,” 2011, “Dance Machines,” 2013, “Life Itself,” and “Yayoi Kusama” (both 2016). Currently based in Copenhagen, Larsen has penned essays on Öyvind Fahlström, Palle Nielsen, and the artists involved in the publication Puss . A frequent contributor to Artforum, Larsen examined the history of Superflex in the magazine’s April 2014 issue.