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Judd Foundation to Revamp Its Buildings in Marfa

The Judd Foundation has announced a new long-term restoration plan for its spaces in Marfa, Texas, where the Minimalist artist Donald Judd lived and worked starting in the 1970s. The multiyear project will focus on six of the twenty-one buildings in the city and will aim to ensure that they remain vital spaces for directly engaging with Judd’s work.

Defined by the artist’s plans, drawings, and writings, the foundation will restore the buildings; create new collection and conservation facilities, as well as spaces for programming, scholarship, and other initiatives; and complete Judd’s working plans for the Print Building, La Mansana de Chinati, and Las Casas ranch—all major projects designed but not realized in his lifetime. Upon the project’s completion, 27,500 square feet of additional program space will open in Marfa, and another 15,500 square feet will be opened for the first time.

“The work of Judd Foundation was defined by Don’s work and plans. The buildings themselves are an integral part of his work, and the spaces serve as physical maps of his thinking,” Rainer Judd, president of the foundation, said in a statement. “We will implement the historical restoration of our Marfa buildings through an approach that will enable us to maintain our current operations while expanding programs, research, and visitor resources to directly support engagement with Don’s legacy.”

The Judd Foundation has received a grant from the Brown Foundation, Inc. to initiate the first phase of the restoration, which will revamp the Architecture Office and the Block, and is slated to be finished in 2020. Additional funding for the Marfa building project has yet to be raised.