Judge Orders Police to Destroy Artworks Seized from Studio of Pedophile Artist Graham Ovenden

A judge who recognized she was “risking the wrath of the art world” has ordered works from the collection of artist Graham Ovenden to be destroyed, according to Victoria Ward in The Telegraph. Ovenden was imprisoned for twenty-seven months for sex offenses against children in 2013. His photos and drawings aren’t the only works being destroyed: so are about forty photographs of young girls by Pierre Louys and artworks by Wilhelm von Pluschow found in Ovenden’s studio.

But the judge, Elizabeth Roscoe, spared a couple of pieces, including a painting commissioned by Princess Diana that shows a young girl with a bare bottom. “Simple nudity is not to be equated with indecency,” she said, adding that she was not concerned with “historical importance or value.”

Pointing out that Louys was a friend of Oscar Wilde and a figure of cultural importance, Ovenden told court authorities: “You are going to be looked on as the assholes of the world.”