Julie Sherborn. Photo: Iris Rothe.

Julie Sherborn Appointed New Chief Executive of the Art Newspaper

Julie Sherborn, a marketing and media specialist, has been named the Art Newspaper’s new chief executive, the publication reports. “I am pleased to be joining the team at the Art Newspaper. The brand is a vital and trusted connector in the international arts world. Its principles, expressed in its solid journalism, are needed more than ever as we develop in a multichannel environment,” said Sherborn.

Sherborn has a long history of expanding various media brands, especially throughout Asia, including editions of the fashion and lifestyle monthlies Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. She also oversaw the Asian outpost of Hubert Burda Media, where she was in control of digital integration, business expansion, and revamping the company’s interests in areas such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and India.