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Julius von Bismarck Wins Wolfburg’s 2017 Art Prize

|ält-kunstpreis-der-stadt-wolfsburg|Monopol| reports Berlin-based Julius von Bismarck has been awarded the city of Wolfburg’s 2017 Art Prize. Fulfilling its motto, “a young city looks at young art,” the $88,000 prize will include an exhibition at the Städtische Galerie Wolfburg, an acquisition for its collection, and a publication.

The jury’s decision was based on von Bismarck’s “understanding the connection of artistic and political subjects on a highly intellectual and aesthetic scale” while using diverse media.

Born in Breisach-on-the-Rhein in 1983, von Bismarck was a student of Olafur Eliason and graduated from Berlin’s University of the Arts in 2013. Bridging art and science, one of his best known works is Egocentric System which was one of the highlights of Art Basel’s Unlimited sector in 2015. The piece, which investigated the effects of time and space on how one perceives oneself and is perceived by others, featured the artist performing quotidian activities, such as sitting at a desk and talking on a phone, while on a paraboloid-platform that rotates on its own axis at fifteen revolutions per minute. Viewers could see von Bismarck clearly, but the crowd of fairgoers appeared as a blur to him.

The prize is dedicated to promoting the artistic practices of midcareer artists. Prior recipients include Raimund Girke, Dieter Asmus, Wolfgang Petrick, Peter Sorge, and Gerd Winner.