LACMA’s Art Council Quits Over Fee Hikes

The Art Museum Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has voted unanimously to stop volunteering at the museum because of the museum’s plans to triple council members fees, reports Jori Finkel of the Los Angeles Times. Members who once paid approximately four hundred dollars are now required to pay one thousand dollars in addition to a membership fee of two hundred and fifty dollars. The Art Museum Council is one of ten such museum support groups and currently has some two hundred members. Chairwoman Diana Gutman explained the decision in email yesterday: “Our AMC board of directors voted to withdraw from LACMA rather than discriminate against any of our members who would be unable to pay the exorbitant increase to stay in our council. We do not believe in leaving anyone out of our group.” Director Michael Govan explained that the fee hikes are necessary to help with acquisitions and exhibitions. He also noted that the boards of the support groups will be dissolved, shifting responsibility for fundraising and events to in-house staff and curators.