The LAXART building—featuring Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (it), 2018—in Hollywood. Photo: Ruben Diaz, courtesy of LAXART.

LAXART Welcomes Five New Board Members

LAXART, the nonprofit organization and alternative arts space that was founded in 2005 to promote contemporary art, has added five new members to its board of directors: Kim Gordon, Zenas Hutcheson, Glenn Ligon, Olivia Marciano, and Conor O’Neil.

They will work with executive director Hamza Walker and the rest of the board to further LAXART’s mission through various programs, such as the upcoming exhibitions of work by Grace Wales Bonner, Liz Johnson Artur, and the collective Postcommodity.

“These new members heighten our dynamism,” said Walker. “Whereas Gordon and Ligon are seminal figures (read rock stars) in the field of contemporary art, Hutcheson, Marciano, and O’Neil mark a new generation of cultural stewardship. They join an already outstanding slate of directors who are our primary supporters and advocates.”

Among the other members of the board are Andrea Bowers, John Geresi, Karyn Kohl, Rodney McMillian, and Mary Weatherford.