Leo Xu. Photo: Tom Chen.

Leo Xu Named Codirector of David Zwirner’s Hong Kong Gallery

Anny Shaw of the Art Newspaper reports that Leo Xu, who will be closing his six-year-old Leo Xu Projects space in Shanghai, has just been named codirector—with Jennifer Yum—of David Zwirner’s new Hong Kong gallery, scheduled to open on January 27, 2018.

At his project space, Xu exhibited established artists such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Danh Vō (which marked their debuts in China), while championing artists at the beginning of their careers, including Xu Wenkai and Pixy Liao.

Xu says he is excited to join Zwirner for its “three-dimensional program, its roster of artists, and its innovative and sophisticated approach to the market.” The owner of the Shanghai gallery Bank, Mathieu Borysevicz, says that Xu “charted a place for smaller local sensibilities to thrive amongst the old bastion of China's hitherto big boy scene. Now he enters the next phase in the industry’s metamorphosis.”