Protesters outside London’s LD50 Gallery.

London Gallery Accused of Alt-Right Values Shuts Down Following Protests

After numerous anti-fascist protests were organized outside of London’s LD50 Gallery—an alt-right leaning arts space—its landlords have asked founders Lucia Diego and Alexander Moss to vacate the premises, Ellen Daniel of the Hackney Post reports.

Located on Tottenham Road in Dalston, LD50 Gallery has faced widespread criticism for hosting conservative programming and inviting far-right speakers to present at a conference last year “on reactionary and neo-reactionary thought.” Among the attendees were Peter Brimelow, an anti-immigration activist and the author of Alien Nation. The gallery has also been accused of favoring neo-Nazi artwork including an image of Pepe the Frog—a meme that white nationalists have adapted and adorned with swastikas and Trump buttons. In response, representatives of LD50 claim that art and culture has become aligned with leftist ideology, and that it should be a platform for all viewpoints.

The gallery was being targeted by the ShutdownLD50 group, which marched through the streets of Dalston on Saturday, February 25, calling for the space to close its doors. The campaign has received support from mayor of Hackney, Phillip Glanville, and the group Hackney Stand Up to Racism and Fascism.

Lee Jasper, cochair of the group Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, said that a social media campaign against the gallery is the reason for the closure: “I think they found that a lot of the people visiting the gallery were just going in to have a go at them and in the end they decided it wasn’t worth it.”

Diego said that the gallery has no plans to reopen.