Gallery 8’s New York space on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and One-Thirty-Ninth Street.

London’s Gallery 8 Expands to New York

After a decade in the St. James’s area of London, Gallery 8 announced the opening of a New York location, in Harlem’s historic Strivers’ Row district. Curated by FACTION Art Projects, the inaugural exhibition, “All That You Have Is Your Soul,” featuring seventeen artists who all have ties to Cuba, will open in February.

Since 2008, the gallery has operated as a rental venue with temporary exhibition space, and it will bring that model to New York. “Having looked throughout the city, I realized I did not want to compromise on space,” Celine Gauld, the owner and director of Gallery 8, said. “In Harlem you can still get the most extraordinary space. I’d rather have something amazing in Harlem than something mediocre on the Upper East Side. I also believe the New York market is very welcoming and open. Our two locations are very different, St. James very traditional and conservative, Harlem is edgier, and I’m welcoming the change in projects we can deliver here.”