Grenfell Tower after the fire. Photo: ChiralJon / Wikimedia.

London’s Grenfell Tower Considers Plans to Project Children’s Artwork on Condemned Building

Gareth Harris of the Art Newspaper reports that London’s Grenfell Tower, which was engulfed in a fire on June 14 that killed eighty of the building’s residents, might feature artwork by children.

The building will be covered with scaffolding by the end of this month so that workers can safely dismantle parts of the structure. Michael Lockwood, Grenfell Tower’s site and remediation manager, met with nearby primary school children who said that looking at the tower was disturbing. “I asked them if they would like to come up with paintings of what they would like to see on the building,” said Lockwood. The images would then be projected onto the scaffolding.

The artist Khadija Saye and her mother, Mary Mendy, both of whom died in the blaze, were honored at a memorial service at St. Mary’s Church in London’s North Kensington neighborhood last month.