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London’s Laura Bartlett Gallery Closes

After twelve years, London’s Laura Bartlett Gallery has closed, reports Monopol. “I have had the pleasure to work with an incredible group of artists over the years and I am happy to announce that I will continue these collaborations as an advisor to international collections, working on private and public commissions and towards a more fluid exhibition programming model,” wrote Bartlett in a post on the gallery’s Instagram account. “The gallery opened in 2005 with a performance by Japanese artist Sachiko Abe, and went on to stage the first solo gallery exhibitions of Cyprien Gaillard, Elizabeth McAlpine, Becky Beasley, Lydia Gifford, Nina Beier, Marie Lund, Beatrice Gibson, and Sol Calero, as well as the first London shows of Simon Dybbroe Moller, John Divola, and Alex Olson, as well as Margo Wolowiec and Ryan McLaughlin.”

In 2015, writer Andrew Witt covered Lydia Gifford’s painting exhibition at the gallery for a Critic’s Pick: “These paintings force us to query: What relations does the monochrome engender? The two qualities of Gifford’s process—prepositional and parasitic—dovetail with one another. Her work entangles a series of movements that challenge and undermine the status of the monochrome as enigma.”