The National Portrait Gallery in London. Photo: The National Portrait Gallery.

London’s National Portrait Gallery Taps Jamie Fobert Architects for Major Redesign

The National Portrait Gallery in London has appointed Jamie Fobert Architects to transform its campus by adding about 20 percent more space for exhibitions and a learning center, refurbishing its existing building, and rehanging its permanent collection for the first time. The project will be the largest the gallery has taken on since it opened its location in Trafalgar Square in 1896.

“We were impressed by Jamie’s evident love of the gallery, its collection and building, and the clear vision he had for how to make the most of these for our visitors, as well as his affinity with art and artists,” director Nicholas Cullinan said in a statement. “Following his much lauded work at Tate St Ives, and forthcoming projects such as Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, this is the perfect time to work with Jamie as we take the National Portrait Gallery into one of the most exciting chapters in its history.”

The gallery has already secured $30 million, 60 percent of its fundraising goal for the project. Thirteen million dollars came from the UK’s Heritage Lottery Fund, including a roughly $1 million initial development grant. Construction is expected to start in 2020.