Victoria and Albert Museum. Photo: Sumito Ahuja

London’s V&A Museum Evacuated Due to Bomb Scare

Hundreds of people were safely evacuated from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday afternoon after security alerted police about a possible bomb threat, Gavin Allen and Chris Kitching of The Mirror report.

Police blocked off roads around the museum while visitors and staff members were ushered out of the building so that specialist officers could search the premises for anything suspicious. On Twitter, eyewitness Elliot White said, “Watching the Victoria and Albert Museum get evacuated due to bomb threat. Lots of yelling but no running. All roads blocked too.”

The ice skating rink at the Natural History Museum was also evacuated and the subway line leading to South Kensington station was temporarily shut down as a precautionary measure. Around 4:30 PM the institution reopened. Museum staff did not comment about the incident.