Installation view, Karen Carson, January 1982.

Los Angeles’s Rosamund Felsen Gallery Closes

After almost four decades, Rosamund Felsen Gallery—which prides itself in representing artists who challenge and champion the culture of LA—has announced that it will close its doors. After first opening on La Cienega Boulevard in 1978, the gallery would relocate to West Hollywood and Bergamot Station before moving to downtown LA last year.

The gallery said it’s closing celebratory show, which opens on July 9, “will be paying tribute not only to all the extraordinary artists who have filled both the gallery space and the gallery’s identity over the years, but will also serve as a marking point for the current gallery artist’s ongoing careers.” The final exhibition will feature one work from each of the artists that the gallery currently represents, including Mindy Alper, Judith Barry, Les Biller, Jacci Den Hartog, Tim Ebner, Steven Hull, Nancy Jackson, Kim MacConnel, John Mils, M. A. Peers, Maureen Selwood, and C. K. Wilde. Although the physical location will be shut down, the gallery will continue to maintain an online presence.