Interior view of LX. Photo: Max Yawney.

LX Gallery Opens in Manhattan

LX, a new arts space on Sixtieth Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan, has opened to the public. Founded by real-estate entrepreneur Louis Buckworth and directed by Cecilia Weaver, LX will present exhibitions and programming dedicated to contemporary art, in addition to providing art advisory services.

“LX is a new kind of art space, a destination where visitors will linger and converse about the art in a salon like setting that is intimate and inspiring by design,” Weaver said in a statement. According to Thomas Juul-Hansen, who designed the space, LX aims to capture the feel of an uptown townhouse and the collaborative spirit of a downtown arts space. “We created a space tailored to showing artwork while reflecting the historical context of the neighborhood,” he said.

Its inaugural exhibition, “I Don’t Believe in Art, I Believe in Artists,” curated by Jen DeNike, features artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs by Katherine Bradford, Thornton Dial, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Tomm El-Saieh, Greg Haberny, Florian Meisenberg, Diego Singh, Laurel Sparks, Alexander Tovborg, and Faith Wilding, among others.

Inspired by Muriel Oxenberg Murphy, who founded the Department of American Painting and Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1952 and is known for her salon, which she held in her Upper East Side home from the 1950s through the 1980s, the show will be on view until March 10. Accompanying the exhibition is a grouping of furniture by the Canadian designer Quinlan Osbourne, organized in collaboration with curator and gallerist Melanie Courbet.

Upcoming programming includes an exhibition of contemporary art curated by gallerist and art advisor Lisa Cooley, which will open this spring, and an exhibition of photography for later this year.