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Manifesta 11 Reveals Further Details

Manifesta 11, opening in Zurich in June 2016, has now announced further details about its projects.

The festival this year is titled “What People Do For Money: Some Joint Ventures,” as previously reported here. Now, organizers have revealed that a total of thirty new productions will be unveiled, all of them so-called Joint Ventures. These ventures will include Maurizio Cattelan working along with a Paralympic athlete; Teresa Margolles producing art with a transsexual sex worker; Marguerite Humeau collaborating with a robotics engineer; and Shelly Nadashi pairing up with a literature teacher.

French author Michel Houellebecq, meanwhile, has teamed up with a physician to present Manifesta visitors a health evaluation.

In addition, Cabaret Voltaire will be transformed into a guildhall for artists, with an office setting in its indoor space, alongside a new plastic bay window on its facade.