View of “Agnes Lux: Winter, summer together,” 2016, at Martos Gallery.

Martos Gallery Moves to Chinatown, Hires New Director

Hannah Ghorashi of Artnews reports that Martos Gallery will be moving to Forty-One Elizabeth Street in Chinatown from its Chelsea location, which it has occupied for sixteen years. Their last exhibition, Agnes Lux’s “Winter, summer together,” closed on June 3, 2016. The new space will open this September.

The gallery has also hired Ebony L. Haynes, the former artist liaison and associate director of Mitchell-Innes & Nash, as its new director. Said Haines, “They’ve been in Chelsea for a long time, and this move has been in the works long before I arrived. I’m kind of jumping into this in the middle. The space is great—it’s huge and it’s right in the middle of Chinatown. Chelsea, especially Twenty-Ninth, where Martos has been, is a difficult street for foot traffic. The space was really great, and our neighbors have been really great. But I think it’s just time for a change.”