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Mellon Foundation Awards $600,000 Grant to Clark Art Institute

The Andrew W. Mellon foundation has announced that it will award the Clark Art Institute a $600,000 grant in support of the institute’s research and academic program. The grant will fund the program for three years and will be used to bolster art history and visual art scholarships, to create fellowships for emerging scholars, and to produce three colloquia that will address a current issue in the fields of visual art and art theory. One of the conferences will focus on the state of art history in Latin America. The Mellon foundation has previously funded several of the program’s initiatives in the regions of East-Central Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Clark’s interim director, Francis Oakley, said that the Mellon foundation’s “commitment to fostering international conversations about important issues in the field is critical and is so closely aligned with the research academic program’s mission to encourage the exchange of new ideas and enhance greater cross-cultural awareness and collaborations among art historians, curators, artists, and scholars from all fields.”