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Meriç Öner Announced as New Director of SALT in Turkey

After Vasif Kortun stepped down from his post as the director of the Turkish cultural organization SALT, associate director Meriç Öner has been announced as the new head director of research and programs. Öner is a trained architect who received her bachelor’s in architecture from Istanbul Technical University in 2001 and her master’s from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2006. After a brief period of professional practice, she became an exhibitions coordinator at XII.World Congress of Architecture in Istanbul, followed by a curatorial post in design at Garanti Galeri.

Öner was editor of the interactive database developed for “Becoming Istanbul” at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt am Main in 2008, and she organized the exhibition’s first display in Turkey at SALT Beyoğlu in 2011, with talks, presentations, screenings, and performances about the city. She also curated the exhibitions “Modern Essays 4: SALON” for SALT Galata in 2012, “SUMMER HOMES: Claiming the Coast” at SALT Beyoğlu in 2014, and “One and the Many” at SALT Galata in 2016, the latter of which was selected by Christine Tohme for her Best of 2016 list in the December issue of Artforum. Additionally, Öner is the editor of the publications Tracing Istanbul (from the air) and Mapping Istanbul.