Kurimanzutto’s Mexico City space.

Mexico City’s Kurimanzutto to Expand to New York in May

Kurimanzutto, a Mexico City–based contemporary art gallery, announced today that it plans to establish a new project space at 22 East Sixty-Fifth Street in New York. Officially opening in May 2018, the venue will be a collaborative platform. A soft launch will be held on April 2, for which the project space will present an installation from Abraham Cruzvillegas’s ongoing series “Autoconstrucción.”

“The opening of our project space in New York marks an essential development for our growing family of artists as a meeting point for their ideas,” cofounder Mónica Manzutto said. “New York has always been close to us since living there in the nineties; it remained an important part of the conversations we engaged with through the years. With this new project we seek to establish even stronger connections to institutions, artists, and art professionals who have accompanied us across our evolution. It is a way to maintain and confirm our commitment to the development of the artistic current that lives and breathes in the city.”

Conceived by Gabriel Orozco, José Kuri, and Manzutto in 1999, Kurimanzutto was initially a nomadic enterprise. Its projects were staged in various locations across Mexico City. Since its founding, the gallery has worked to support and advance the careers of artists such as Cruzvillegas, Orozco, Damián Ortega, Monika Sosnowska, Minerva Cuevas, Jimmie Durham, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Gabriel Kuri, Daniel Guzmán, and Dr. Lakra. Kurimanzutto New York will be overseen by senior director Lissa McClure and director Bree Zucker