Michael Glawogger (1959–2014)

The Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger, who focused on documentaries that depicted subjects living in atrocious situations, has passed away, according to Douglas Martin in the New York Times. Glawogger first received renown for Megacities, 1998, a film interleaving scenes from the lives of various poverty-stricken residents of Mumbai, New York, Mexico, and Moscow. The film turned out to be the first part of a trilogy, followed by Workingman’s Death, 2005, and Whore’s Glory, 2011. Throughout his life, the director won numerous awards, including London Film Festival’s Grierson Award (for Workingman’s Death); the Austrian Film Award for best documentary (for Whore’s Glory); and the award for best screenplay at the Ghent Film Festival for Slumming, 2006.